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Joel Throwing brick at man

Joel preparing to throw a brick at another survivor.

Throwable Objects are pieces of debris and junk that can be thrown to stun or distract enemies in The Last of Us. There are also more lethal options, such as the craftable molotov cocktail, which engulfs an area in flames. These objects make noise whenever they hit a hard surface.

List of ObjectsEdit

  • Brick - the brick can be thrown to distract and stun an enemy or used to beat an enemy much like a melee weapon.
  • Bottle - the bottle can be thrown to stun an enemy, distract them or hit them though it breaks straight away, unlike the brick.
  • Molotov Cocktail - a Molotov can be thrown at enemies to engulf them in flames. It is especially useful on infected due to them being covered in fungus.
  • Nail Bomb - a nail bomb can be thrown at enemies to blow them up, or placed as a mine that triggers when crossed.
  • Smoke Bomb - a smoke bomb can be thrown to act as cover as it creates a cloud of smoke or used to stun enemies to buy time for the player or to easily shiv them.