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My cause is my family now.
―Tommy talking to Joel[1]

Tommy Miller is a supporting character in The Last of Us Part I and The Last of Us Part II, and a playable character in the No Return mode.[2] He is Joel's younger brother, and Sarah's paternal uncle.

A caring and compassionate man, Tommy survived the early years of the outbreak with Joel.[3] However, the two separated as Tommy sought a more meaningful life than mere survival, leading him to join the Fireflies and later seek redemption through his wife, Maria, and the community of Jackson.[4]


Background and early life[]

Tommy was born during the early to mid-1980s, sometime after his older brother Joel in Arlington, Texas where they were raised together.[4] As a child, Tommy shared a mutual interest in music and college football with his brother.[5] Later, Tommy became an uncle after the birth of his niece, Sarah, and likely contributed to raising her. Tommy regularly joined Joel and Sarah at several events and carnivals, evidenced by the photos in Sarah's room.[3]

As an adult, he lived in Travis County, Texas, and worked in construction alongside Joel. He befriended Louis, a local farmer, and owned an SUV.[3] Once on his birthday, Tommy and Joel rented two Harley-Davidson motorcycles and went for a cross-country ride. [6]

Events of The Last of Us Part I[]

Outbreak day[]

Tommy first appears when he talks to his brother Joel on the phone, discussing the matter of Joel's job in architecture and a contractor, though the conversation is cut short when Joel hangs up. In the early hours of the morning the next day, Sarah finds Joel's cell phone, finding a concerned text message from Tommy asking "where the hell are you? Call me!" and eight missed calls from him.

He appears in person during the early hours of the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak, picking up Joel and Sarah from their house to get them to safety. The three drive through the town with a plan to get to the blockade that the military set up. They witness streets filled with newly infected runners, people fearfully running through the streets and fires engulfing multiple buildings. After reaching Texas State Highway 71 they encounter a traffic jam which turns into mayhem when infected starts attacking the car in front of them. They quickly turn around, pursued by several infected, and attempt a detour. Among the chaos, a vehicle crashes into the side of Tommy's car. They all survive the crash but Sarah's leg is broken, causing Joel to carry her and Tommy to cover them with Joel's revolver.[3]

Tommy manages to circle back for Joel and Sarah after being separated at a bar, just in time to save Joel's life from a soldier preparing to execute him, but Sarah is shot in the abdomen. As Joel tries to apply pressure to Sarah's wound, he looks at Tommy, who responds with an uncertain, nervous stare. Soon, Sarah dies in front of her uncle, in her father's arms.[7]

Fighting for the Fireflies[]

In the years following the outbreak, Tommy and Joel made their way to the Boston quarantine zone but the actions committed by the brothers in order to survive caused Tommy to suffer "nightmares from those years". Sickened by Joel's growing inhumane activities and the military's tyranny, he decided to join the Fireflies, after being convinced by Marlene. He was filled with hope that the world could get better, which led to an argument between him and Joel which ended with them parting ways, Tommy's last words to Joel being, "I don't ever want to see your goddamned face again."[4]

He spent a long time with the Fireflies, even visiting the group's main research lab in the University of Eastern Colorado.[5] He worked closely with Eugene Linden while stationed in the Denver QZ. While there, they bombed military checkpoints, killing soldiers and even civilians in their skirmishes.[8]

Joining Maria's community[]

Tommy eventually left the Fireflies after becoming disillusioned with their cause. Before he left, he informed Marlene she could rely on his brother if she was ever in need of assistance. He left a strong impression on her, causing her to remark years later "he was a good man."[9] According to Owen Moore, Tommy left the group sometime around 2027-2028.[10]

Tommy ended up in the town of Jackson, Wyoming, which had been made into a safe haven by a woman named Maria and her father. Tommy fell in love with and married Maria.

At some point Tommy made a return trip back to the brothers' hometown in Texas. Most of their things were long gone, although he retrieved a slightly faded photo of Joel and Sarah at a soccer match.[4]

Meeting Joel again[]

During the Fall of 2033, Tommy was with Maria and several of their men at the power plant trying to restore power there to provide their settlement with electricity. While there, Maria spots a man and a teenage girl trying to get in their entrance. Tommy looks over and realizes it is Joel. Tommy greets his brother with open arms and welcomes him into the plant, introducing him and the teenage girl, Ellie, to Maria.[11]

Joel and Tommy

Joel and Tommy hug upon seeing each other again for the first time in years.

After showing Joel around and getting the power back on, Joel gives Tommy the information regarding Ellie's immunity to the CBI, expecting Tommy to heed his order to take over the delivery of Ellie. Due to leaving the Fireflies and their cause behind him and the danger of the journey, Tommy refuses to deliver Ellie to the group, realizing that Joel hasn't changed since he last saw him. An argument ensues, in which Joel indirectly insults Tommy's community and the memories of their dark past resurface, leading to an enraged Joel shoving his brother, but they are interrupted by a bandit attack.[1]

Tommy, with help from Joel and some of his men, fends off the attackers. Tommy reconsiders his decision to take Ellie to the Fireflies' lab after seeing her interactions with Joel. Maria is understandably upset when Tommy tells her this, knowing that she may end up being a widow if Tommy made even one mistake.

Before he can leave with Ellie, she steals a horse and runs away. Joel and Tommy give chase, tracking her on horseback through the woods and arriving at a narrow pass with a couple of cabins before they are ambushed by the bandits there. Tommy provides covering fire while Joel pushes up the pass towards the cabins and the duo wearily kill their attackers. Following the skirmish, the two continue to follow Ellie's trail and find her at an abandoned ranch.

Realizing that the two likely have some talking to do, Tommy keeps watch downstairs. After a while, he notices more bandits have tracked them to the ranch, so he runs upstairs to alert Joel and Ellie of the incoming danger. They fight their way out of the house, regrouping outside. After offering Ellie help onto her horse, Tommy and the others ride on horseback back to the dam, where Tommy shows them how he has turned Jackson into a fortified town, now with electricity, enabling the children to watch television.

Joel tells Tommy he will take Ellie and Tommy can go back to Maria, proving himself to have changed. Tommy tells them that the Fireflies' lab is at the University of Eastern Colorado. As Joel is about to leave with Ellie, he offers them both sanctuary in his town, saying there is always a place for Joel. Joel doesn't answer, giving the impression of acceptance, and bids Tommy farewell before riding off.[4][5]

In the Spring of 2034, after Joel rescues Ellie from the Fireflies in Salt Lake City, they return to Jackson, intending to live in Tommy's settlement. When Joel does return, Tommy accepts them as he promised, giving them a room each and has them working on fortifications while they live there. He introduces Joel to a woman named Esther. Joel believes that his brother intends to have them "hitched."[12]

Events of The Last of Us Part II[]

Living in peace[]


Tommy hears Joel's confession.

A few weeks after Joel and Ellie moved in to Jackson, Tommy is first seen with Joel during one of their patrols as Joel confesses to preventing the Fireflies killing Ellie to make a cure for the CBI back in Salt Lake City. Tommy replies "I would have done the same". The two then ride their horses back to Jackson.[8]

Over the next few years, Tommy patrolled exclusively with Joel when on duty. The brothers patrolled the Mountain View lodge the most, with it becoming common knowledge in the community that it was one of their favorites, principally because the pair could play guitar together in near peace high up in the ski lodge by the mountain. Tommy also told Ellie he personally believed the couches in the lookout were the most comfortable in all the lookouts, especially by the fire. The pair even wrote their own personal comments in to the log books when patrolling this area, a practise that irritated fellow patrolman Mike, but amused Eugene Linden, Bonnie and Greg.[13]

The pair were skilled when on patrol, able to comfortably handle infected they encountered, even rescuing survivors on numerous occasions. They were so skilled that, whenever a large horde of infected was reported by other patrolmen, Maria would personally assign Joel and Tommy to take care of it.[8] Their most notable feat was in the winter of 2034, when they killed over twenty infected from a forty-strong horde, predominantly formed of clickers and bloaters.[13]

Tommy suggests finding strings

Tommy suggests Joel and Ellie find guitar strings.

In 2036, Ellie joined Tommy and Joel on one of their patrols around Mountain View. While Joel scouted the lodge, Tommy took Ellie up towards the mountain and helps teach Ellie how to snipe from a distance by clearing out infected in areas around the ski lodge near Jackson. He remarks to her that the infected regularly migrate through the area during the winter. He also asks Ellie why she seems uneasy with Joel, but she dodges the question. The two regroup with Joel at the lodge, who reveals the strings on Ellie's guitar need changing. Taking the guitar to play, Tommy suggests Joel and Ellie go searching for strings in a nearby abandoned music store. Despite Ellie's reluctance, Tommy convinces her to go with Joel.[13]

Losing Joel[]

By 2038, Tommy is still in Jackson and is present at the community's winter dance. When Seth uses a homophobic slur for Dina and Ellie, causing Joel to get physical with him, Tommy steps in with Maria to calm the pair down.[14] The next morning, he and Joel go on patrol to the lodge to clear it of infected. While there, the pair find and rescue Abby Anderson from a horde of infected. Unable to hold their position, the trio flees on their horses to the Baldwin hunting lodge, where Abby's group of Washington Liberation Front soldiers are staying.[8]

Jordan and Nick restrain Tommy

Jordan and Nick restrain Tommy.

Once settled in, Tommy introduces himself to Mel and Owen Moore, and then Joel to the rest of the group, offering to take them back to Jackson with them. However, the group all stare at Joel, who remarks that they seem to recognize the brothers. Abby draws a shotgun and confirms his suspicions by shooting his right knee. Tommy cries out, attempting to attack Abby, only for Jordan and Nick to restrain him, while Nora Harris knocks him out. They leave Tommy unconscious on the ground while Abby tortures Joel with a golf club.

Tommy sees Ellie

Tommy brings Ellie food.

After Joel's death, Dina and Jesse find Tommy at the lodge, and bring him and an injured Ellie back to Jackson. Some time later, Tommy comes over to Ellie's house with a box of food. Tommy reveals Maria will not let them form a group to pursue Abby and her group, despite him being confident that they are stationed in Seattle. He also believes they would need a substantial number of patrolmen to effectively attack the group; this would leave Jackson's people vulnerable to hunter attacks, which he refuses to allow. Ellie insists they should avenge Joel's death, even if alone, believing Joel would already be heading there if the group had killed her or Tommy. Tommy relents and asks Ellie to let him have a day to talk to Maria. He then leaves to let Ellie get some sleep.[8]

Hunting Abby[]

That night, Tommy fails to convince Maria to let him take anyone to Seattle. Thinking about Ellie's words, Tommy writes a note to Maria telling her that he has left Jackson to "put them to justice." He also suggests she take Ellie's guns, lock up the horses, and even lock up Ellie herself to prevent her from following him. Against his wishes, Maria lets Ellie use her horse, and even lets Ellie bring Dina with her to force Tommy to return home.[8] Jesse eventually pursues Tommy as well.[15]

Tommy makes it to Seattle ahead of the group. While there, he fights through and interrogates several WLF soldiers. Tommy finds Nick, one of Abby's friends, at the Serevena Hotel, and tortures him to death in a way identical to Joel's methods to learn information from him and another WLF solider. After killing the pair, he leaves the area on his horse but is eventually attacked by another WLF patrol. Tommy's horse is killed in the skirmish but he escapes unharmed. Ellie and Dina follow the trail of Tommy's victims across Seattle to find him, but to no avail.[16]

Manny shot dead by Tommy

Tommy shoots Manny through the eye.

Following a lead, he eventually reaches the city marina, intent on finding Abby, Owen, and Mel hiding there. However, he is attacked by Manny Alvarez's platoon, who are attempting to reach the boats to launch an invasion of the Seraphites' island. Recognizing Manny, Tommy uses his sniper rifle to fight back, killing all but Manny himself.

Abby arrives at the scene and helps Manny advance on Tommy, who shoots near them to attract infected to their location. Seemingly cornering Tommy in an airport, he sneaks up on the two and kills Manny with a headshot, and viciously attacks Abby on the pier. He gains the upper hand, but is stabbed by Yara and pushed into the ocean.[17]

Jesse, having heard from another WLF patrol about Tommy's attack at the marina, eventually finds him. Jesse reveals Ellie is also in the city, and was heading for Abby and Owen's hideout. The pair find Ellie at the aquarium, shortly after she has killed Owen and Mel. Finding her shaken up, he coaxes her to leave with them, accidentally leaving Ellie's map behind.

A few hours later, regrouping with Dina at the city's theater, Tommy and Jesse begin planning how to return to Jackson. Ellie approaches them on the stage, revealing she still wishes to kill Abby. Tommy convinces Ellie to forget about Abby, and focus on taking the pregnant Dina back to Jackson. To lighten the mood, he reveals he found a golden necklace, hoping to use it as a bribe to win Maria back once he returns to Jackson. Jesse and Ellie doubt it is real, so he goes to collect it from the front hall.

Tommy is surrounded

Tommy is surrounded by Abby and Lev.

While there, he is sneaked up on by Abby and Lev, who used Ellie's map to locate them. He complies with her demands, but mocks that she is a coward if she shoots him in the back. Enraged, Abby viciously beats Tommy to the floor, attracting the attention of Jesse and Ellie and causing them to race into the room. Abby kills Jesse with a headshot, and uses Tommy to make Ellie surrender, despite his pleas for Ellie not to. Ellie attempts to convince Abby to take her away and spare Tommy, but Abby, disappointed that the pair wasted the fact she spared them in Jackson, aims to shoot Ellie dead.[15]

Tommy jumps up, grabbing Abby, and wrestles for her gun, but Lev shoots him in the leg, enabling Abby to knock him down and shoot him in the head. However, the angle he is shot at means the bullet merely grazed the orbital plate-temple of Tommy's head, resulting in him only losing an eye and some mobility.[17] Sometime later, a battered Ellie and Dina return, and help him return to Jackson. When they return, Ellie promises Tommy she will one day kill Abby to avenge what she did to them. Now struggling to walk and blind in one eye, the events in Seattle have left Tommy bitter and guilty, and he and Maria decide to spend some time apart.[14]

Tommy shouts at Ellie

Tommy chides Ellie for refusing to kill Abby.

Months later, he goes to Ellie and Dina's farm, where the pair have chosen to recover after the ordeal against Abby, with Dina's child JJ. He reveals a new member in Jackson knows that Abby and Lev were heading to Santa Barbara, and tries to convince Ellie to go kill Abby in his place, his permanent injuries preventing him from doing it himself. Ellie refuses, leading Tommy to angrily remind her of her promise. He storms out of the house followed closely by Dina, who berates him for trying to get Ellie to go after Abby. Unrepentant, he yells back at her, accusing her of not caring, and rides away on his horse.[14]

Tommy's visit eventually proves successful, as Ellie, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and believing that killing Abby will give her closure, decides to leave Dina and pursue Abby one last time.[18]

Personality and traits[]

Tommy was with Joel for the initial years after the outbreak and aided him in ambushes and raids.[19] It is implied Tommy himself had killed innocent people, as he claims to still suffer nightmares from the years he spent with Joel and all the horrible things they did. Tommy has been seeking redemption for his past crimes by helping Maria build safe havens and communities throughout Wyoming. He cares about those under his charge and puts their well-being before his own.[4]

Like Joel, Tommy has a short temper, but his is much quicker to diffuse than that of his brother, due to him being generally more sympathetic. His sympathy is shown early on when he tries to stop to help a family during the outbreak but stops when Joel insists they don't; Tommy likely yielding due to a 'big brother knows best' view. Tommy also takes the time to scavenge a photo of Joel and Sarah from what remains of their home, being especially sympathetic to his brother through such.[4]

Tommy meets Mel

Tommy introduces himself to Mel.

Tommy becomes frustrated when Joel brings up his past and blames him for most of it, indicating that Joel may have led a lot of their activities.[1] However, he is surprisingly quick to forgive his brother when they meet again after many years, and despite being more averse to violence, he is capable of violence when he has to be and still loves and cares for his brother Joel.[4]

Tommy, in contrast to Joel, tends to be reasonably optimistic, believing he can make things better with cautious hard work, and thus is not plagued with the same unrelenting pessimism and apathy that his brother harbors. This was his impetus for joining the Fireflies at one point, as well as why he left them to build a new life. He prioritizes his family, declining Joel's offer to take the profit from Ellie's delivery in favor of his new family with Maria. It is rather symbolic that he married the leader Maria, emphasizing how he views the community just as (if not more) important than his brother Joel. However, after seeing his brother care for Ellie's safety, he sympathizes with the man and changes his mind, wanting to spare Joel the pain he suffered years before.[4]

Further, Tommy is trusting of strangers, offering Mel and her friends to join the Jackson community despite only knowing them for a few minutes. This is indicative of his desire to give people the benefit of the doubt, displaying hope that trust with strangers can also be restored as were many more things in Jackson from times before the apocalypse.[8]

Tommy with Ellie

Tommy asks Ellie to let him talk to Maria.

After Joel's death, Tommy displays a more aggressive side, hunting down Abby and her group in retaliation. He went as far as torturing WLF soldiers using the same methods Joel did, as well as killing any WLF soldiers he came across using brutal means. Despite this, Tommy still demonstrates levels of concern for Jesse, Ellie, and Dina and despite his mission, he took the time to think of ways to earn his wife's forgiveness by getting her a piece of gold jewelry.[17]

By 2039, Tommy still displays desire for revenge against Abby, causing him to be bitter and impatient. This is evident when he became frustrated and displeased with Ellie and Dina when both informed him that they were done with that lifestyle and insulted them for living a comfortable life while Joel's killer still lived. In the end, Tommy became a bitter and vengeful man as he lost his beloved brother.[14]

Skills and abilities[]

Tommy brick

Tommy hitting an infected with a brick.

Tommy is skilled with handguns even before the outbreak, as he kills many infected during the family's escape from Austin with Joel's revolver and killed a soldier with a single bullet to the head. He was also skilled in physical combat, able to kill a runner by hitting it with a brick and even kicked one to the floor despite it grappling Joel. Tommy also displayed great strength, being able to force a door shut despite several runners pushing against it.[3]

Tommy snipes with Ellie

Tommy teaching Ellie how to snipe.

Twenty years later, he appears proficient with a hunting rifle against bandits. He also possesses good leadership abilities, as he helps create and drive a new, less violent community forward, being very respected within this group, while proceeding with enough caution to keep the place in order. This also affords him their loyalty as the settlers would protect each other from anyone with hostile intent, even Joel.[4] He could also ride a horse at full gallop[5][8] and repair their horseshoes.[4]

By 2038, Tommy is still a capable survivor. With his scoped hunting rifle, he regularly kills infected from long range. He has also patrolled the surrounding areas in Jackson, typically with Joel, and killed many more infected and hunters over the years. Over the years, the two proved an effective team, with Maria making them her first choice to scout out areas known to have infected gathering in large number and the pair even successfully fighting and killing numerous hordes.[13] Even by 2038, they were both still skilled in combat together, being able to fight their way through infected to save Abby Anderson at one of the nearby lodges and then, with her help, fight their way through the horde to then escape.[8]

Tommy fights Abby

Tommy fighting Abby on the pier.

While hunting Joel's killers in Seattle, Tommy displays exceptional combat and stealth skills. Despite facing them alone, Tommy fights his way through several soldiers from the Washington Liberation Front and Seraphites, even catching and torturing several of them for intel. Much like his brother, he displays skill in interrogation, using similar tactics to make them talk.[16]

However, unlike Joel, Tommy appears to prefer more distant combat, with many of his kills coming from shooting enemies with his scoped hunting rifle.[4][13] His sniping prowess is best demonstrated in how he killed all of Manny Alvarez's squad at the marina, and eventually Manny himself, from a long distance. He was also rather tactical, shooting vehicles nearby Manny to draw infected to his location in the hopes they would kill him. Tommy also displays skill in stealth, sneaking through the city undetected for at least two days and managed to surprise attack Abby on the Seattle pier.[17]

Tommy wrestles Abby

Tommy goes for Abby's gun.

However, Abby was able to overpower him in a struggle, albeit with Yara's help. He was also knocked down and shot by Abby later, though it was because Lev shot him with an arrow.[17]

By the end of the game, Tommy's physical abilities have deteriorated. After being shot in the head, Tommy struggles to walk and is half-blind. He admitted himself that he can no longer risk wandering far from Jackson, given he would likely die if he got into a fight with others without support.[14]



Tommy and Joel, being brothers, were deeply close to one another but had their moments of ruptures in their relationship. Having been cared for by Joel during their childhood, Tommy's first priority during the outbreak was to reach his brother.[3]


Joel and Tommy arguing.

Tommy protected his brother during the outbreak, even using Joel's own gun to save his life when a soldier attempted to shoot him. He also helped Joel as best he could when Sarah died, staying with the man for most of the post-apocalyptic years.[3] Evidently Tommy put great stock in Joel's way of thinking, the elder brother leading Tommy during the apocalyptic years given how Joel states "[Tommy] survived because of [him]".[1]

However, Tommy grew to hate Joel, mentally scarred by the actions the two committed in the name of survival. As Joel stated, "[Tommy] saw the world one way. [Joel] saw it another". Tommy eventually chose to try to save humanity over his own brother, abandoning him to join the Fireflies. Even after he "grew tired of that too," Tommy didn't return to Joel but left for Wyoming, not desiring to see his brother's "goddamed face again".[4]

Despite their relationship having been strained to the breaking point, their time apart mended most of the wounds. Upon seeing his older brother again years later, Tommy welcomed him with open arms, the hostilities buried.[11] However, there still were some outbursts, the pair arguing heavily when left alone in Tommy's room, almost resulting in a fight. He also threatens Joel's life during their conflict, despite years earlier saving him from certain death.[1]

Tommy soon forgave his brother, willingly agreeing to look after Ellie in his place, likely to avoid the damage losing her would do to him. This even leads to him choosing his brother over his wife, Maria, despite her being his new family.[4]

Joel Tommy horses

Joel thanks Tommy for understanding his choice.

When Joel and Ellie left his settlement to continue their journey to the Fireflies, Tommy understood Joel and offered him a place should he ever return, displaying their relationship was repaired despite all of the things they had done over the years.[5]

By 2038, Tommy and Joel are on good terms, sharing their trauma over the post-apocalyptic years with each other and were rarely separated, patrolling together frequently.[20][13] In the prologue, Joel tells Tommy the truth about the Fireflies in Salt Lake City in saving Ellie, displaying deep trust in Tommy as the only one he confided in about his controversial decision. He is enraged at Joel's death at the hands of Abby and her group, leading to Tommy hunting down Abby to both avenge Joel and to keep Ellie from doing it herself.[8] Even a year from Joel's death, Tommy remained determined to avenge his brother, with the man ordering Ellie to kill Abby in his place because he was now unable to kill her himself.[14]


Tommy cared greatly for Maria, so much that he married her, much to the surprise of his brother Joel, and wanted to protect her people and family. The two formed a strong partnership, Tommy assisting her in fixing the dam and even offered to do her jobs for her, such as surveying the repairs on the generator.[11] He also had a deep sense of trust in her and was weary to part with her, especially when Joel demanded he take Ellie for him, stating "my cause is my family [Maria] now".[1]

Although he loved her, he was willing to aid his brother after some persuasion despite Maria's protests, informing her he "had to do this."[4]

By 2038, the pair were still together and still ran Jackson effectively. However, Tommy's desire to avenge Joel's death left Maria incredibly worried and vexed as Tommy ended up going against his wife's wishes by going after the WLF in Seattle.[8] Despite this, Tommy still thought of her and managed to find a gold necklace during his travels that he believed would help earn her forgiveness. Ultimately after coming back to Jackson, Tommy revealed to Dina and Ellie that he and Maria decided to take a break from one another for a while, saying it was a mutual decision.[14]


Having been a member of the Fireflies, Tommy met the leader of the group; Marlene. The woman was partly responsible for him leaving Joel, persuading him to join her group despite Joel's pessimistic view of them.

Tommy grew close to her, having a profound effect on the woman. Even when he left the group, he informed Marlene she could count on Joel for help if she was "ever stuck in a jam". Marlene even remarked years later that "he was a good man" despite him abandoning the Fireflies' philosophy.[9]


Tommy seemed to be close with his niece Sarah, going with her and Joel to carnivals and soccer matches over the years before the outbreak. He appeared to support Joel in raising her, since her other parent had left them by that point.

During the outbreak, Tommy was protective of Sarah, using Joel's revolver to protect the pair from infected. When picking them up in the car, Tommy toned down his language around the girl and affectionately called her "honey". When they were cornered in a room due to oncoming infected, Tommy forced Joel to run on because he was carrying Sarah, putting the child's life above his own. He appeared saddened by her death, but more so for Joel due to how much the man cared for her.[3] This understanding stayed with Tommy, with the man taking the time to leave Wyoming and travel back to Texas to retrieve a picture of Joel and Sarah together to keep.[4]


Even when he had only known her for a short while, Tommy looked after Ellie due to her association with Joel. He was initially unwilling to "take that girl off of [Joel's] hands" but he agreed to do so after recognizing her importance to his brother.[1]

When at the ranch, he offered to help her up one of his horses and even let her keep the horse when she left the settlement. As with Joel, he promised her a place in his community when she returned.[4]

Tommy brings food

Tommy sits with Ellie.

In the years that followed, Tommy and Ellie became close, with Ellie treating him as a pseudo-uncle. The man teaches her how to use a rifle better by educating her about elevation and bullet drop. Tommy's connection with Ellie was strong enough that he could tell when she wasn't acting like her usual self and could infer that she was uneasy around Joel. Tommy continued to serve as a bridge between the two, helping Ellie reconnect with Joel by making her go with the man to retrieve guitar strings from a music store.[13]

Following Joel's death, Ellie and Tommy bond over their mutual loss. Ellie's words that Joel would already be pursuing the killers if her or Tommy were killed prompts Tommy to travel to Seattle to seek vengeance.[8]

When finally reunited in Seattle, Tommy convinced Ellie that killing Abby's friends was enough. However, he changed his mind after Abby attacked them and crippled him.[17] Ellie made a promise to kill Abby once they returned to Jackson. Months later, Tommy successfully tracked Abby to Santa Barbara and asked Ellie to kill her for him per the vow she made. Ellie initially refused, causing Tommy to call her a "joke" and angrily storm out. After pondering Tommy's request, Ellie eventually abandoned her idyllic life at the farm to hunt Abby once more, displaying immense loyalty to Tommy.[14]


Despite only meeting her twice, Abby has had a significant impact on Tommy's life.[8] Having killed his brother, Tommy harbors a deep hatred for Abby, driving him to pursue her in Seattle in order to seek vengeance against her. He successfully killed Manny Alvarez in an effort to emotionally traumatize her and would have killed Abby had Yara not intervened.[17] Even a year on from Joel's death, Tommy's hatred for Abby has only grown, with him demanding that Ellie kill Abby for him to grant himself peace.[14]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Originally, actor Jeffrey Pierce auditioned for the role of Joel which was ultimately given to Troy Baker. When the developers began casting for the role of Tommy, they immediately contacted Pierce and were greatly impressed by his performance. Baker personally felt the chemistry between him and Pierce added a sense of realism in the relationship between Joel and Tommy.[21] Indeed, the chemistry between the actors served to further develop the brother's relationship, with Naughty Dog's creative team subsequently emphasizing the natural closeness Joel and Tommy have and how, when hostilities are gone between the two, they work closely with one another. As such, Baker and Pierce's real-life chemistry was able to convey how Joel and Tommy are stronger together and provide Jackson with heightened protection it otherwise lacks.[20]
  • When developing Tommy's character, the developers wanted him to resemble Joel "in stature and rugged toughness" but also display his compassionate approach to the world. Neil Druckmann stated that while Tommy shares his brother's 'gritty masculinity', he also bears a gentleness which Joel lacks.[21]
  • In Part II, Tommy's blue sheepskin jacket resembles the one Sam Drake wore in Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Further, within the story, Tommy losing his eye after killing Manny with a headshot through the eye symbolically represents his "eye for an eye" mentality; in seeking to avenge Joel's death, he too has inflicted similar suffering to balance out the cycle of violence.[22]


The Last of Us Part I[]

Tommy: "Let me look at you. You got fucking old."
Joel: "Easy -- it's gonna happen to you too."

Tommy: "What makes you think I'd do this for you?"
Joel: "This isn't for me, Tommy. This is for your damn cause."
Tommy: "My cause is my family now. You ain't talking about some walk in the park here."

The Last of Us Part II[]

Tommy: "You have no idea what you're walking into. You don't know how large that group is, how armed--"
Ellie: "I don't care."

Tommy: "I'm not supposed to say anything… But Joel's worried about you."
Ellie: "There's nothing to worry about."
Tommy: "I'm sure there isn't… But if you don't talk to him, he's going to think something's wrong."

Tommy: "'I'll make her pay.' That's what you said when we got back to Jackson-- What a joke."



The Last of Us (2013)[]

The Last of Us Part II[]