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Joel finding a toolbox.

Tools are levels determined by toolboxes collected in The Last of Us. They are required to upgrade certain weapons at Workbenches, in order to make them more efficient and powerful.

Tools are not consumed when used; instead they contribute to a "Tool Level" which maxes out at level 5, at which you can apply all upgrades to all weapons if you have the required amount of parts.

Toolbox LocationsEdit

Tool icon
Chapter Location
Bill's Town
1st chance: In the church basement of Bill's Town (If you miss the 1st chance, tools will reappear later on in the chapter)
2nd chance: in a garage before reaching the High School.
Right after the initial ambush scene with the Hunters, the toolbox can be found in the garage where victims' posessions are stashed.
The Suburbs

1st chance: Inside the sewers. Right after Ellie fixes the Generator, Joel, Henry, and Sam will ride across the moving platform. Once they get through, look for the equipment storage room on the left.
2nd chance: near the end, after you get separated by the big metal gate and you're together with Sam, after you get past all the infected, in the room with a broken window. Farthest from where you entered, there is a toolbox on the floor between some beds and a shelf.

The University
On the second floor of the Science Building. Make sure you have a shiv with you, as you will need it to enter the locked room.
Bus Depot
In a FEDRA triage tent.


  • The tools can be collected in any order. For example, if you obtain the level one set of tools, and miss the next set of tools, the next time a player finds another set of tools, it would be level two tools. Thus, it may require more than one playthrough to obtain all of the sets of tool upgrades.
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