A torch

A torch, also known as a flashlight, is an item featured in The Last of Us. It can be used by Joel and Ellie.

The torch is used to illuminate dark areas within a narrow cone.

Most of The Infected can't see the light due to their poor eyesight, but other Survivors can, and will be alerted to the player's presence.


  • The torch used in The Last of Us is just like the torch used by Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series also made by Naughty Dog. However, Joel and Ellie attach their torches to the backpack strap on their shoulder whereas Nathan has his attached to his belt.
  • It greatly resembles the flashlights that were used by the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam Era.
  • At first the torch was shown to recharge by Joel putting new batteries in it using the crafting menu, but as batteries have been removed from the game, the torch is temporarily recharged by Joel shaking it (by the player shaking the PS3/PS4 controller).
  • The playable character has the torch by the right shoulder, whereas any AI has it on the left. Ellie also has it on the left when not playable, but it's on the right when she is.