TM Health Kits

The cover of a health kit training manual.

Training Manuals are one of the four collectibles that can be found in The Last of Us and Remastered. First appearing in Bill's Town, there is a total of twelve manuals to collect, and they allow Joel to craft more powerful items.


Training manuals help improve crafts. There are five different kinds of manuals, each covering one specific area of craftable weapons and tools, with the exception of Improvised Traps and Area-Denial Technique manuals, which cover both smoke bombs and nail bombs. 

Title Cover Upgrades
Stealth Combat Weapons and Tactical Movement
TrainingManual1 FrontImproves the durability of shivs. Each manual collected increases the number of times a shiv can be used.
Field Medicine and Emergency Care Procedures
TM Health KitsImproves the effectiveness of health kits. Each manual collected increases the amount of health restored when Joel uses a health kit.
Close-Combat Fighting Techniques and Personal Defense
TM MeleeImproves the durability of modified melee weapons. Each manual collected increases the number of one-hit kills an upgraded melee weapon can perform before it reverts to its regular number of durability points.
Insurgent Ordinance: Fabrication and Tactical Deployment
TM MolotovsImproves molotov cocktails. Each manual collected expands the explosion radius of thrown molotovs.
Improvised Traps and Area-Denial Techniques
TM BombsImproves the other types of explosives. Each manual collected either expands the explosion radius of smoke bombs or nail bombs.

All Training Manuals Edit

The following is a list of all twelve training manuals that can be collected in The Last of Us.

Title Number Upgrade Effect Chapter  Location
Shiv: Sharpening
Shivs last 1 hit longer Bill's Town Once you meet Bill, the manual will be on the bar of the safehouse before you leave to follow him.
Health: Splinting
Health kits are now 33% stronger Pittsburgh After surviving the hunters' ambush, it is beside the cots in the room before you go back outside.
Shiv: Reinforcement
Shivs now last 2 hits longer Pittsburgh Found in the hotel safe on the bottom floor; you will need to find the Note to Staff to unlock it.
Melee: Knots
Modifications on melee weapons last 1 hit longer Pittsburgh After the cutscene where Ellie shoots a hunter to save Joel, you will pass by the elevators on the left and a guitar case on your right as you leave the hotel. The manual is on the first table.
Molotov: Construction
Molotov explosion radius is now 1.5x wider Pittsburgh When you meet Henry and Sam, before following them through the door, check the kitchen counter to find this book.
Bomb: Containment
Bomb explosion radius is now 1.5x wider The Suburbs On a shelf in the sewers, near Ish's Shorty.
Melee: Techniques
Modifications on melee weapons last 1 hit longer The Suburbs When you reach the suburbs, one of the houses will have an attic you can boost Ellie into; the manual will be found there.
Smoke: Chemistry
Smoke from smoke bombs last 10 seconds longer Tommy's Dam It is found near the lantern when you first enter the generator building.
Health: Sterilization
Health kits are now 67% stronger The University In the courtyard where you encounter the monkeys, go into the building to the right, then go out the window on the second floor and walk down the awning. The manual will be on the right when you enter the next window.
Molotov: Deployment
Molotov explosion radius is now 2x wider The University When you enter through the wall in the science building, at the end of the hall is a shiv door. Inside, the manual will be opposite the tools.
Smoke: Shaping
Smoke from smoke bombs last 20 seconds longer Lakeside Resort Behind a Shiv door in an alley.
Bomb: Shrapnel
Bomb explosion radius is now 2x wider Bus Depot On top of a white truck near the bloaters.


  • I Got This (Bronze Trophy Bronze) - Find all training manuals
  • Scavenger (Gold Trophy Gold) - Find all collectibles

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

  • Note that in some cases, when you die or quit the game, a previously found manual may need to be retrieved again depending on where your last auto-save occurred. Always double-check to ensure that any manuals you found previously don't need to be picked up again.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shiv durability manuals do not "repair" a shiv in your inventory to the new hit capacity. Since door unlocking requires a full shiv, your current shiv will be worthless for that purpose.


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