The University is a multiplayer map in Factions MP. This map is based on The University of Eastern Colorado.


In Colorado, at a college, the Hunters and Fireflies fight over the few remaining supplies that were not looted prior to the outbreak, using the red loot boxes scattered across the map. The Hunters spawn outside the classrooms and the Fireflies spawn outside the J. Lommnitz Research Center.


There are some great sniping positions in this map. The first one is where the Fireflies spawn, in front of them,near the wall. At this position, you can overlook the hallway where the loot box is. Any hunter trying to obtain the items is a guarantee hit. The second is at Nu Delta Iota. A  window allows you to see the corridor as well as the courtyard. The third is at the J. Lommnitz Research Center, on the second floor. At the fire escape, you see the whole courtyard as well as the second sniping location.

Like the High School, the hallways do not have cover, so be careful when walking across. This goes double for the loot boxes. The hallways are great for short and medium range Weapons, so if you fire first (assuming your health is full), your likely able to down your enemy. The walkways outside are dangerous and don't give you any benefit whatsoever, so stay clear from there. The courtyard is huge, and since there's almost no cover (except the water fountain), you are like to get shot by a sniper. Unless you're going for the loot box or heading for the research center, do not cross here. Use the outside walkways. They have cover and are great places to plant Nail Bombs.