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2013 Highlights

Hey everyone my name is Mubarak and I'm new to editing wikis and I've really been enjoying The Last of Us Wiki as much as I think that it's one of the greatest games ever. 

I recently lost my old PSN ID and tried everything to recover it but I didn't succeed, so I made a new PSN ID which is why I don't have a lot of trophies. I mostly play Xbox although after seeing the Xbox one I was reconsidering my devotion to Microsoft. After playing The Last of Us I have never been able to stop and Sony may have made me shift away from Microsoft and closer towards them.

The Last of Us is a stellar game it exceeds in everything from Story and Dialogue to Gameplay and Mechanics. I think that The Last of Us has one of the strongest stories and character relationships in gaming. I definitely think that The Last of Us will win GOTY. Playing The Last of Us was an emotional experience and had moved me, cutscenes are simply amazing and are equal if not better than blockbuster movie material. If you haven't played The Last of Us you need to buy it as soon as possible and play this masterpiece that Naughty Dog Inc, have created.


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