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About Me

Hey guys im Fireburn12, I have recently (5/4/14) gotten the privilage of getting admin rights on this wiki, which is also my favorite game. Feel free to message me whenever something comes up, Im really active on this wiki, so I am able to catch any vandals or revert any edits at almost anytime (depending on my schedule). 

About Real Life Me.

I'm a 17 year old male that lives in Florida, that listens to bands you've probably never heard of, I'm studying to be an I don't know what yet and I love playing video games, some of which consists of Wolfenstien 3d and The Last of Us, as of the winter of 2013 I decided to stop playing games like call of duty, I recently have not been playing on Playstation a lot mostly cause Im to lazy to plug it into the T.V. that I use for my computer. For some odd reason I like things that the rest of my family doesn't (My theory is that I was born in outer space from some humans living on another planet and one day the planet exploded and my parents sent me to earth, where I am now spending time with my new parents and I have super powers that I still have not discovered, oh, and thats the intro to Man of Steel in a nutshell. :P ). Due to the fact that I am still in school, I'm still learning  A TON of new things, things of which dont pertain to this wikia, but still average knowledge.

Messaging me

Things to remember when messaging me.

  • If its a situation where an admin (Me) can handle it, be sure to leave all the details, don't leave anything out. Being able to know everything about the situation at hand I can resort the issue faster and with no obstacles or delays.
  • Feel free to message me to come into chat at anytime. 
  • I might not respond to you with-in minutes, maybe even with-in hours. Please do not badger me about it. If the situation is urgent please let another admin know. 
  • If its a dire situation where you think I can handle it from my phone (Vandal or other) please e-mail me, my email is listed on most of my messages regarding the show...