Many have there difrent opinions on Ellie and i do not see why they should not but the this that bothers me is that some end up fighting over it wich is pointless i think that is is not right to fight over this cause it is just a one of the game chars and i know everybody has there own opinions but i think they should not have to fight about her cause most fight over he sexuality and i think whatever they think of Ellie or her sexuality they should have to keep to themselfs like me i have thought about Ellie but i do not go fighting about what i think if the other thinks something else i think you should respect what the others say and i think they should respect what you have to say also and if not nobody should say anything. I would not care even if you or anybody else were to post you own opinion on here i would respect it and i would want others to respect it to i think that it is messed up to fight about something as stupid as that so go ahead post your opinion of Ellie here but i dont want anyone to have to fight about it and if you are gonna post it dont use bad words or gross content please.Myself i dont care about Ellie's sexuality i like her no matter what and i would not mind if someone is against that i will respect what they have to say no matter what unless you add bad words or gross content. P.S: If with this i have bothered somebody i am sorry.