Why is this website so souless i dont mean like it is bad it is amazing i mean its like it has no soul cause nobody is ever on it XD will anyone ever get on this website O: i look at accounts that have been here years i look at mine here for days and i am more active then them ever! Is it that it never had anybody or everybody left cause this is a amazing game! I am the only person i have ever seen with a blog lol i mean on this website on other websites almost everybody does but anybody who does talk to me i thank them alot (hardly anybody) but i really thank them alot i will not say names or more acurate their name but i will say it is amazing that i can talk with anybody here and i am happy that i can at all. So    what is the point of a blog mostly blogs are stupid for me but now  i got one but what is the point because nobody has ever even read the first blog post but if you find this and you like it please tell your friends about it share it let everybody know.For thoose who know me This is Three Dog ooooooooooooooouuuuwwwwwwwwwwwwww and your listening to Galaxy News Radio radio free wasteland and were here for you. No matter thats a  fallout 3 quote XD  BLOG CLOOSE :O.
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