aka Braden

  • I live in Michigan
  • I was born on June 4
  • My occupation is Inventory controller/freelance translator
  • I am male
  • Bio Braden is a Spanish-English translator, caffeine addict, and a lover of all things history and aviation. In his spare time, he edits on the wikis for The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn.
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  • M67PattonZippo

    Hi everyone. I'm back, and this time I'm building a kit similar to the truck that Joel and Ellie used from Bill's Town to Pittsburgh. While it's not an exact replica (the kit is a Toyota Hilux, where the truck in the game is a Chevrolet), I'm doing my best to at least make it looks like it belongs in The Last of Us. The kit started off as this. Stay tuned!

    The chassis goes together well, although there is a lot of cleanup to be done on the parts. Apparently the molds didn't join cleanly, as pretty much every part has flash to be trimmed away before being assembled. I drilled out the exhaust pipe to make it look a bit more real.

    While the wheels are pretty well molded, the tires are a different story. They are molded in black vinyl, with a lot…

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  • M67PattonZippo

    Hunter Humvee model

    December 29, 2013 by M67PattonZippo

    So, I'm building a plastic model of a Humvee similar to the one used by the Hunters in The Last Of Us. It's not the exact same, as the Hunter Humvee is a mix of real-life variants. It's based off of this, a 1/35 scale plastic kit by Academy. In this scale, a person would be about 1.5 inches tall.

    This model is fairly easy to build, but it's not for a beginner. There are ejector marks (how the parts trees are removed from the mold) all over the place, that's why you see green dots (auto body filler) on most parts. The fit of some parts is not great, so it's hard to tell exactly where some of them go. The fit of the hood to the body is especially bad, and I had to do a lot of filing to make it fit right. The detail on the shock absorbers is ra…

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  • M67PattonZippo

    Overall, I would have to say that the story of The Last of Us is pretty awesome. There are just a few minor things about it that drive me nuts.

    1. The lack of motorcycles. Motorcycles have been pretty much ignored by post-apocalyptic fiction, except for The Stand and Falling Skies.
    2. When Bill tells Joel that he can get gas out of abandoned cars. The stuff that they make now degrades after a year, so it wouldn't work after 20. Not even old-formula gas would hold up that long.
    3. How did David's group eat human flesh and not get kuru? Never mind, Klock101 explained that there has only been one documented case of kuru.
    4. Didn't Joel know that chickory can be used as a coffee substitute? Apparently, chickory only enhances the flavor, it doesn't have any caffeine i…
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  • M67PattonZippo

    Everyone check this out: It's for a new short film called Ruin. I can see some similarities with this game. Any thoughts or observations? I know that there are some innacuracies with the motorcycle; it's a customized Harley V-Rod, by the way.

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