Hey everyone, its come to my attention that a leak for a sequel to The Last of Us has surfaced.  This comes from the LinkedIn page of Michael Knowland, a character artist who is serving as lead character artist on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief's End as well as... well what do we have here?  It says on his LinkedIn page that he's also the lead character artist for The Last of Us 2, in which he is prototyping head sculpts.  This confirmation is pretty solid since he is on the Uncharted team and keep in mind that many games have been leaked like this before, so this is a very strong indicator that The Last of Us 2 is on the way.  Be excited.  

Update: Knowland has removed the information from his LinkedIn page.  He's probably never going to hear the end of this from his boss.  Click the image below to see the screencapped page.

Michael Knowland

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