Hello, my fellow survivors. Welcome to the third part of my walkthrough for the remastered version of "The Last of Us".

In this series, I am demonstrating how to complete "The Last of Us" on Grounded difficulty, without sustaining any avoidable (unscripted) damage, and with a bare minimum of supplies. In other words, this my walkthrough is a complete opposite of a thorough trophy guide. There are a few rules I follow:

  1. Damage is limited to unavoidable scripted damage (e.g. one that Joel sustains because of the explosion at the check point).
  2. Healing is limited to unavoidable scripted healing (e.g. when Joel is forced to use a Health Kit after the Fireflies attack).
  3. Weapon and skill upgrades with parts and supplements are not allowed.
  4. Crafting is limited to the supplies given automatically by the game (e.g. a bomb in Bill's Town).
  5. Items are limited to bricks, bottles.
  6. Collectibles are limited to those required by the game (e.g. the warehouse key in the Slums).
  7. Weapons and ammunition, unless given by the game, can only be taken from defeated enemies.

Today, I'll walk you through the third chapter of the game, titled The Outskirts, which sets the stage for future adventure of our protagonists: the playable character Joel, and two NPCs: Tess and Ellie.


Our first objective is to get away from pursuit carried out by the military. The entire section can be completed in just a few minutes without engaging into combat or doing anything special. As soon as supporting units called by Ramirez start arriving at the scene, jump into the ditch on your left and move forward. Move fast otherwise the soldiers will spot you and open fire. Keep left until the tunel ends and jump over the fault to the next tunnel. Move to the right side, climb up and continue further to the right. Before you reach the stairs, remember to crouch down and hide behind an old piece of furniture for a moment. Once the light beam sweeps above Joel’s head, run upstairs and reach the end-point of the section on the left.

In the next encounter, we need to go around the patrol unit through the ruins on the right. Run for a few yards, crouch down right before you reach past the first building and spot light beams from soldiers' torches. Stay low until you reach a broken delivery truck. Continue forward and jump into a deep hole. Mind the drop though. Joel will get hurt if you approach the hole too fast.


The abandoned city, bathed in heavy rain and seized in darkness always makes me feel disturbed to the point, that I promise myself to never play that part again. What makes "The Last of Us" great is how ruthlessly the game plays with player's mood and emotions. Downtown and Sewers are my least favourite parts. They are bloody terryfing! In this section Joel is attacked by a clicker. He takes 40 points of damage and there is no way to avoid it. It's not a big deal, we can continue just fine. Joel will regain full health at the beginning of Bill's Town chapter. Getting past the next clicker is very easy and you don't need to worry about the ladies. As soon as Joel's feet touch the ground on the other side of the scaffolding, Tess and Ellie are safe and will join in a moment. In the next combat encounter, Joel needs to eliminate five enemies: four runners and one clicker. This part might feel difficult at first, but once you memorize enemies' moving patters, it's much easier. Eliminate the runners first, as shown in the video and kill the clicker with a brick. Passing through the subway station is easy. Crouch down and move very slowly to the opposite side of the hall. There is a ladder and an idle clicker. Lure the clicker away with a brick, activate the end point and exit to the streets. As you approach the Museum building, you can use an elegant speedrunning trick and lure the three runners out of the building with a pistol shot. The gun must be fired at the exact spot shown in the video. It doesn't matter what you aim at, it matters where you stand. In most cases all runners will go through the hole in the wall. Sometimes one will go through the front door and need a punch or two to give way. It's possible to lure them out without firing a pistol. Just use Joel as a decoy. Lure them far away and get back to the building. Be quick though, as the runners very easily overwhelm Tess or Ellie. It is also possible to strangulate them one by one, maintaining stealth, but I prefer not killing enemies if I have a choice. Once you get past the white truck and as soon as you move towards the end point on the left, Tess and Ellie are safe and the red cross alert is canceled.


Passing through the museum will not be a problem at all. After the ceiling collapses and Joel gets separated from the ladies, sneak by the clickers and leave through the door on the left side of the corridor. Run up the stairs and enter the room on your right. There is a runner inside. Punch him once or twice. The game will despawn him as soon as you reach the next door. Next, when Ellie screams for help, help her and make your way to one of the windows, climb up and get to the roof. As soon as you grab the plank and trigger the cut scene, Tess and Ellie are safe.

The Capitol Building

I used to think that the title of the game - "The Last of Us" - has something to do with heroism and some nobility. But that was before I played the game. "The Last of Us" has way more to do with loss, grief, and the guilt of the survivor. They say grief has two parts. The first is loss. The second is remaking of life. Once Tess is gone, Joel and Ellie don't have much time to get a grip. They need to escape the building and get past the soldiers. The good news is, it is possible to sneak past them unnoticed. The tactics here is consistent and is all about reading soldiers' moves.

On the upper floor, you need to mind the soldier guarding the exit, and the other one searching the hall. On the lower floor, move along the left side. Crouch down, hide behind the wall and let the soldiers walk by. Next, proceed to the mail hall and watch the soldiers guarding the exit.

Once you leave the building, stay low all the way until reach the stairs to the subway station.

Inside the subway station, as soon as you can move, run to the right, jump onto the rails, turn left behind the train and keep running.


  • we've completed 28% of the game,
  • we took 40 points of damage; it was scripted and there was no way to avoid it; Joel will regain full health at the beginning of the next chapter,
  • we've used one pistol bullet to lure out the runners out of the museum building; we have three left in our clip,
  • we've used two bricks: one to kill a clicker in the office building, and another one to lure away the clicker in the subway station,
  • we've logged five melee kills,
  • we got a rag and alcohol to craft a Health Kit, which we ignored as it is a no-damage walkthrough.

The upcoming chapters will bring more action, so stay tuned! As always, I would love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts in the comments. Meanwhile take care, and we'll see each other in Bill's Town! Endure and Survive!

The Last of Us Remastered Part 3 The Outskirts Grounded No-Damage Minimum Walkthrough

The Last of Us Remastered Part 3 The Outskirts Grounded No-Damage Minimum Walkthrough