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W. Earl Brown is an American character actor who has worked in many films and television series.

In The Last of Us, Brown provides the English voice and motion capture for Bill. When interpreting Bill's sexuality, due to the hints to him being homosexual in the script, Brown consulted writer Neil Druckmann for guidance but was left to make up his own mind. As Druckmann had hoped, Brown settled on portraying Bill as a homosexual.

Brown also improvised several actions by Bill not found in the original script, one in particular of him instinctively sharpening the character's machete, which was kept in the final game. It is also apparent (from the in-game commentary) that Ashley Johnson, who played the character of Ellie, accidentally hit Brown during one of the scenes with a prop stick "right in the face". Creative director Neil Druckmann laughed but complimented Brown, stating he "took like a trooper", carrying on through the scene despite being struck. Troy Baker also claimed he "fan-girled" when he saw Brown come in to audition, having admired the man due to his work on another game.

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