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Walkman is an artifact obtained in the chapter "Lakeside Resort". It is one of Ellie's personal belongings and is already in her backpack at the start of the chapter.

Related dialogue

Viewing the artifact triggers the following dialogue:

Ellie: I should try to fix this.


  • Ellie's Walkman appears in the first issue of The Last of Us: American Dreams; she can be seen listening to it on the bus on the way to the orphanage, and later on in the issue, Riley steals it from her, but gives it back after Ellie confronts her, stating that the music in her backpack is "shit".
  • The model appears to be a Sony Cassette Walkman™ WM-1.
  • In Left Behind, Ellie mentions that she consistently plays a tape Riley made for Ellie, which they dance to a one point. The song playing is "I Got You Babe" by Etta James.
  • The Walkman is a product of Sony, the company that Naughty Dog is a subsidiary of.
  • In the The Last of Us: One Night Live Ellie is seen listening to her Walkman during the epilogue.