This article is about the artifact in The Last of Us. For the artifact in Left Behind with the same name, see Wanted Poster (Left Behind).

Wanted Poster is the fifth collectible artifact that can be found during the chapter "The Quarantine Zone" in The Last of Us.


The Wanted Poster is a wanted poster of Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, distributed around the Boston Quarantine Zone by the Military to warn the public of her and their desire to apprehend her. At the top of the poster, it reads in large letters "Wanted for Firefly Affiliation". Underneath it includes a front-facing and side view of Marlene's head, as well as her physical description, criminal record, and a caution note at the bottom of the poster warning civilians of her behavior.


The Wanted Poster is found during the second chapter, "The Quarantine Zone", in the section "The Slums". This artifact can be found after Joel is confronted by a man named Malick while passing through a bus in the slums, in which Tess orders the man to sit down. Upon leaving the bus, walk straight until you come up behind a man and a woman leaning against a fence discussing how another man hoards stuff in a nearby warehouse. The poster is to the left of them on an olive-green storage container, which has another red container on top of it.




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