May your survival be long. May your death be swift.
— The Washington Liberation Front's slogan

The Washington Liberation Front (W.L.F)[2], informally named the Wolves, is a militant paramilitary organization that exists in The Last of Us Part II. They are located in Seattle, and are currently at war with the Seraphites for control of the area.


The group has inhabited Seattle for the last fifteen years, after removing the military and FEDRA from power in the QZ following a guerrilla war.[3] Over the years, they have become xenophobic similarly to the Hunters of Pittsburgh, trusting only each other and acting hostile towards outsiders. However, they were willing to let some outsiders join them, notably former Fireflies Owen Moore, Emanuel Alvarez, Abby Anderson, Mel and Nora because of the their training and experience.

Despite their hostility to outsiders, they care deeply for one another within their own controlled areas. The group has developed a thriving community with their own schools, hospitals, gymnasium, library, farm, kitchen, dining hall and workshops throughout SoundView Stadium within the city. Much like Maria's community at Jackson, those in the WLF know one another well, typically going on patrols searching for Seraphites with close friends.

However, there is a darker side to the community. In order to keep those in the stadium safe, some among the WLF have taken to extreme measures. Notably, the group's leader Isaac Dixon is not above torturing and maiming captured outsiders, especially Scars, for information, even converting an entire apartment building into a prison to harm captured prisoners. Further, many in the group take part in such torture methods.

Further, loyalty to the group is not absolute. Many in the WLF were not afraid to risk crossing Isaac to put their own concerns first, with some even defecting to the Seraphites over the years. Some would even risk running away and hiding out in the city to avoid taking part in the war, especially by 2038 as Isaac has endorsed more monstrous methods to win the war. Even Abby and her friends were willing to desert the group, despite their high ranks, in order to save their friend Owen from execution. A few were even willing to reveal valuable intel to the Seraphites when captured to avoid death, contrasting how many Seraphites would undergo significant torture without revealing information when captured by the WLF.

Shortly after Tommy Miller, Ellie and Dina arrived in the city in pursuit of vengeance for Joel Miller's death, Isaac had ordered all the WLF's soldiers to assemble at their Forward Operating Base (FOB) in preparation for a final attack against the Seraphites. Isaac admits to Abby that they are getting desperate and that this attack is their last gamble that he is willing to make. Abby, in response, flees the group to help her friend Owen. However, Isaac eventually orders the community at the hospital to capture her, only for her friend Nora to help her escape.

By the next day, Isaac orders Manny (as leader of one of his battalions) to take a platoon and secure the marina so the WLF army can use the boats to launch the invasion on the Seraphites' island. However, the platoon is met by resistance from Tommy Miller (searching for Abby) leading to a shootout that leaves Manny and his platoon dead. Another platoon arrives and finds the remains of the sniping duel, securing the boats in their place. By nightfall, Isaac launches the invasion. Their surprise assault is initially successful, with the WLF killing dozens of Seraphites and taking key positions on the island. Isaac and his company take to the streets in an effort to push inland towards the Seraphites' villages.

Along the way, a WLF soldier finds and shoots Yara. As he goes in to kill her, Abby runs at him. The soldier starts fighting back only to recognize her, his shock enabling Abby to break his arm and take his gun. However, Isaac and his squad catch up, all surprised when Abby protects the former Seraphite Lev. Abby reasons with Isaac, who agrees to take her back to the city and reinstate her, so long as she helps in the invasion and let him kill Lev. She refuses, leading Isaac to threaten her with his gun. Despite second guessing his judgement, he moves to kill her, but Yara shoots him dead with her own gun, prompting Isaac's squad to open fire on her. Abby and Lev escape and begin fighting their way off of the island, running into several WLF soldiers engaging Seraphites, especially at Haven, which the WLF have burnt to the ground.

Hours later, when Abby and Lev reached Ellie's hideout, she finds the radio that Dina was using to track the WLF's actions. A message comes through from Echo team revealing the Seraphites have proved too much for them, with team Alpha and Bravo all dead, Isaac and his company defeated and Echo themselves reporting hundreds of causalities. The woman on the radio orders all battalions on the network to retreat from the city, though soon mentions only Echo team has reported back since the army landed on the island. Therefore, despite the significant damage inflicted upon the Seraphites' island, the invasion proved a failure, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of WLF soldiers and crippling the strength and manpower of the WLF.


Having defeated the military forces in Seattle, the Washington Liberation Front are experienced fighters and possess much of the military's equipment. Their strength is such that many who entered their territory were killed over the years, and they currently control more territory than the Seraphites. Their overall numbers are in the thousands, as they took in most of the surviving civilians of Seattle and brought them to SoundView Stadium.

The WLF uses guard dogs, which are well trained in tracking and attacking trespassers at their owner's command. This complicates stealth, as the dogs can pick up Ellie's scent, even if they do not see her. The dogs are lethally efficient, able to tackle and kill both Infected and human enemies like the Seraphites, as demonstrated by how Abby's dog Alice was able to kill many while on patrol with her and even almost killed Ellie when attacking her at the aquarium, who only managed to stop her by using her switchblade to stab the dog.

The group is well supplied, housing many trucks that they use for patrols and, with several mechanics and engineers in the group, are able to repair them and make ammunition for weapons they stole from the military. Furthermore, the group has a strict discipline for the formalized soldiers in their community, with there being regular training sessions in marksmanship and combat and gym routines that the soldiers take part in, including boxing. However, they do lack body armor, contrasting the Rattlers. Even medical personnel, like Mel, still possess basic gun training to ensure all able-bodied members are capable of holding their own in combat.

Their regular patrols and strict training has enabled them to effectively control most of the city and overpower Seraphites on numerous occasions. Their large size means they control many portions of the city to the extent that makes it difficult to both sneak in and attack bases without being seen. Their main base at the stadium is heavily guarded with regular patrols watching the perimeter and a fifty-foot wall surrounds the area, preventing attack from all sides.

However, according to Isaac, the group's victories are not absolute as enough small skirmishes are lost that there were a considerable number of dead WLF members at their FOB and Isaac personally believed the group could not keep taking such losses without losing the war in the long term.

When invading the Seraphites' island, the WLF initially proved successful, with them capturing the docks and successfully pushing inland towards the villages deep inside the island. However, once the Seraphites launched a counterattack, the WLF began to suffer numerous defeats. They made a final stand at the Seraphites' city, Haven, killing hundreds in the large scale battle. Judging from a radio call Abby and Lev listen in on, it appears the Seraphites successfully forced the WLF to retreat, with the counterattack at Haven resulting in the annihilation of at least three WLF battalions and the loss of even Isaac's company. The radio call further indicates that the losses are substantial enough that the WLF would not risk a second attack in the near future, with it being recorded as their single biggest defeat in the war.

Despite their skill in defeating Scars during skirmishes, they do struggle to defeat Infected. While searching for Ellie and Dina in the Seattle subway, a group of WLF soldiers were killed by Shamblers and Clickers. Another patrol in an apartment building were also overwhelmed and bitten to death by Stalkers. However, Abby and her squad were able to defeat a group of Infected while clearing out a warehouse.


  • Some of the WLF soldiers the player can kill while playing as Ellie are encountered by the player as allies when playing as Abby.





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