Welcome to my office is the twentieth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and fifty-nine seconds in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[The scene opens to Henry entering an office, with Joel, Ellie and Sam coming in soon after. He gestures around the room, rather proud.]

Henry: Welcome to my office. [Closes door behind everyone.]

Ellie: [To Sam.] How long have you guys been holed up in here?

Sam: A few days. We found a bit of food though. Here [Walks off with Ellie.]

Henry: [To Joel.] Blueberries. Found a whole stash of them. You want some?

Joel: [Back facing Henry. Uninterested.] No.

Henry: Hey man, relax. We're safe.

Joel: [Looks at Henry.] So why haven't you left.

Henry: Been waiting for the right opportunity.

Joel: And?

Henry: [Gestures head.] Here. [Walks off.] Check this out. [Cautiously approaches broken window. Cut to multiple armed Hunters down at the checkpoint.] Look at these sons of bitches. Everyday they congregate down there. Guarding that damn bridge. [Cut to Henry and Joel.] Come night time, it's down a skeleton crew. After sunset, that's our window. With most of them gone, sneak right past them.

Joel: That could work.

Henry: Oh, it'll work. It'll definitely work. [Ellie and Sam laugh in the background. Henry and Joel look at them.] Wow...

Sam: [Cut to Ellie and Sam on a couch with a pile of blueberries in between them.] Alright ready?

Ellie: [Ellie throws a blueberry in the air and it hits her nose.] Ow.

Sam: [Both laughs.] A blueberry hurt you?

Henry: It's been a while since that boy even cracked a smile. [Joel watches, smiling.] She doesn't seem bothered by all this.

Joel: [Looks down and walks away. Looks at Henry.] So where we're you headin'? [He sits on a chair.]

Henry: [Grabs a chair.] Heard the Fireflies are out west somewhere. [Sits as Joel does. Intrigued.] We're gonna join up with them.

Joel: Yeah. [Light chuckle.]

Henry: Something funny?

Joel: [Shrug.] Just seems like there's a lot of people putting their stock on the fireflies these days.

Henry: [Nods.] Yeah, maybe there's a reason for that.

Joel: So you don't know where they are and you're just gonna drag him around the country to find 'em?

Henry: [Scoots forward.] I tell you what, [Glares.] how about I worry about my brother, you worry about your girl?

Joel: [Calmly.] Easy. We're looking for the fireflies too.

Henry: [Chuckles and pauses. Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a map. Points to spot on it.] This is us. [Points to another.] There's an abandoned military radio station, just outside the city. Any survivors from our group—they're suppose to meet us there—tomorrow. You and your girl want to join us, it goes down tonight.

Joel: I guess we best rest up then. [Sits back.]

[Henry smiles and sits back in his computer chair and looks down. The scene cuts to night time. Joel sleeps in the same chair. Ellie walks up to him and rests her hand on his shoulder, Joel wakes up with a sharp inhale.]

Ellie: He said it's time to go. [Joel nods and sits up. Ellie walks off.]

Henry: [To Sam.] Now we're gonna be moving fast, okay? So no matter what, you stick to me like glue.

Sam: Like glue.

Henry: Like glue.

Sam: [Nods.] Got it.

Henry: [Pats shoulder.] Good. Good.

Henry: [Looks at Joel and Ellie.] Alright, ya'll ready.

Joel: Yeah.

Henry: Okay.

[End cinematic.]

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