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Whitefish Lake is a resort depicted in The Last of Us, based in the Silver Lake area. After Joel was mortally wounded, Ellie took him to a development in the Whitefish Lake area to stay and recover during the winter months. Ellie crossed the area when she tried to lure away the Cannibals from where their refuge was.


The area is near a frozen lake, and there are various buildings located near the lake, all of which are covered with snow. There are also two houses near the hill, from where Ellie fell off Callus when the latter was shot down by her pursuers.

The sight housed food buildings, restrooms, and benches near the lake, so it was likely a tourist rest area. A faded sign displays the activities it offered and the locations of various trails which people would have once traversed. According to the sign, Whitefish Lake was also a campsite, ideal for mountain bike riding and possessed a parking lot and a dock for boats.

Ellie didn't stay long in the area, having escaped the area by crawling through a fence and walking along the wooden walkway.