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Whitney Sato[1] (credited as Portable Gamer Girl)[2] was a character and an antagonist in Ellie's story in The Last of Us Part II. She was a member of the Washington Liberation Front.[3]


Background and early life

Little is known about Whitney's early life except that she lived in Seattle and joined the WLF at some point. While on duty, she prioritized searching for batteries and games to play on a PS Vita she had discovered. She was also friends with Abby Anderson.[1]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Whitney and her squad were ordered to head to the WLF's forward operating base (FOB) in preparation for a final invasion of the Seraphite island. Before the attack, Whitney was assigned to search the local hospital for supplies with Nora Harris's platoon. While waiting for deployment, she encountered Abby, who asked her if she knew where their leader Isaac Dixon was. Whitney replied that she didn't, pointing out she had been busy playing Hotline Miami on her PS Vita. Abby joked that Whitney should spend less time playing it. Whitney laughed her off and returned to her game.[1]

The next day, Whitney was present at the hospital collecting supplies when Abby arrived asking for surgical equipment. Whitney replied that she had not found any. Before they could talk further, three WLF soldiers arrived, explaining that Abby had gone AWOL and was wanted by Isaac back at the FOB.[4]

A while later at the hospital, Whitney had finished her duties and was once again playing Hotline Miami when Ellie snuck up on her and held her at knifepoint with her switchblade, interrogating her for information on Nora's location. Whitney revealed that Nora was on the upper floors clearing out the remaining supplies. Noticing Ellie lower her weapon, Whitney drew her own knife and attempted to stab Ellie. Ellie proved too strong for Whitney, however, stabbing her in the throat with her switchblade, killing her.[3]


Whitney was a kind individual who liked video games.[1] These made her inattentive, enabling Ellie to sneak up on her.[3]


  • The game that Whitney is playing on her PS Vita, Hotline Miami focuses on the cycle of revenge, which is also a main theme of The Last of Us Part II.  


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