Why bring her here? is the twenty-fourth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and seventeen seconds in length. Below is the complete transcript of this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[The scene opens to Joel shutting the door to the room as Tommy walks towards the window, setting down his rifle before staring outside.]

Joel: That's quite the crew you got there.

Tommy: [Still looking out the window.] Yeah, they're good men. This place gives them a second chance. It gives us all a second chance. [Turns to Joel.] So why'd you leave Boston?

Joel: I've been on quite the adventure, little brother. [Pulls out a chair and sits.]

Tommy: [Walking nearer Joel.] I reckon it's got something to do with that girl.

Joel: Oh, it's got everything to do with that little girl.

Tommy: Well, go on then.

Joel: She's immune.

Tommy: Immune to what? [Snickers.] Oh c'mon.

Joel: I know. I've seen her breathe enough spores to take down a dozen men and nothing. I wouldn't have believed it neither, but I can show you.

Tommy: Alright. [Sits across from Joel.] I'll bite. Why bring her here?

Joel: I was supposed to deliver her to the Fireflies... the way I figure they're your boys, you finish the job, you collect the whole damn payment.

Tommy: I haven't seen a Firefly in years.

Joel: But you know where they are. Now I'm not asking for much, Tommy. I just want some simple gear--enough to set me on my way.

Tommy: [Shaking his head] What makes you think I'd do this for you?

Joel: This isn't for me, Tommy. This is for your damn cause.

Tommy: My cause is my family now. You ain't talking about some walk in the park here.

Joel: [Aggressively.] Jesus boy! Have Maria get some of her born-again friends to do it.

Tommy: They have families too.

Joel: Tommy, I need this.

Tommy: [Pauses.] You want some gear, sure. But I ain't taking that girl off your hands. [Stands up.]

Joel: This is how you're gonna repay me, huh?

Tommy: Repay you?

Joel: [Stands.] For all those goddamn years I took care of us.

Tommy: Took care? That's what you call it? I got nothing but nightmares from those years.

Joel: [Loudly.] You survived because of me!

Tommy: It wasn't worth it.

[Joel shoves Tommy against a nearby locker.]

Joel: I bring you the cure for mankind and you wanna play the pissy little brother?

Tommy: We ain't back in Boston. You lay your hands on me again, it won't end well for you.

[Just as Joel advances, the Dam's alarm goes off]

Joel: What the hell is that?

Tommy: [Grabs his rifle.] We're under attack. You still remember how to kill, right?

Joel: Yeah...

[Tommy exits the room and Joel follows. End cinematic.]

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