You're Going to Make It is the thirty-first of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately four minutes and forty-four seconds long.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[The scene opens to David and Ellie returning to the shack, the fire nearly burnt out. David walks over to it, picking up a stick and begins tending it again. He looks at Ellie, who sits across from him, having placed her rifle down beside her.]

David: You handled yourself pretty nicely back there. Ha, whew. I'd say we make a pretty good team.

Ellie [warming her hands on the growing fire.] Psshh. We got lucky.

David: Lucky? No, no... No such thing as luck. No you see I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Ellie: [Mocking tone.] Sure.

David: I do. And I can prove it to you. Now, this winter has been especially cruel. A few weeks back, I ah... sent a group of men out - nearby town to look for food. Only a few came back. [Getting into the story] They said that the others had been ah, slaughtered by a crazy man. And get this, he's - a crazy man travelling [points his stick at Ellie] with a little girl. [Ellie's face shifts to one of worry.] You see? Everything happens for a reason.

[Ellie reaches for the rifle, picks it up and stands away from David, aiming the rifle at him. David dismisses it, tending to the fire again. James enters the doorway, having heard the conversation. The others haven't noticed him. He draws his pistol and aims it at Ellie.]

David: Now don't get upset. It's not your fault [he sees James in the doorway. He looks at Ellie.] You're just a kid. James lower the gun.

[Ellie turns, seeing James aiming at her. She does likewise.]

James: No way, David. I'm not gonna let her go.

David: [Insistent.] Lower the gun. [After several seconds, James complies albeit reluctantly. David turns back to the fire.] Now give her the medicine.

James: [He enters the room, taking out a bag of penicillin as he does so] The others won't be happy about this. [James tosses the bag at Ellie's feet.]

David: Yeah, well that's not your concern.

[Ellie reaches down and picks the bag up, still aiming at James. She begins edging towards the door.]

Ellie: [to James.] Move the fuck out of the way.

[James complies, moving towards David although he keeps watching Ellie as she reaches the doorway, still aiming at him.]

David: You won't survive long out there. [He looks at Ellie.] I can protect you.

Ellie: No thanks.

[Ellie runs off. David stares momentarily before tending the fire again. The scene cuts to Ellie running in the snow, she stops, looking back briefly before continuing. She eventually reaches Callus, still hooked to a branch.]

Ellie: [To Callus, removing his reins from the branch.] Let's get out of here.

[Ellie mounts Callus and races off. The scene cuts to the pair coming within sight of a small town. She dismounts Callus, pulling him towards a house. They enter a garage, where she shuts the door. She briefly stands with Callus before heading into another room. The scene cuts to Ellie running down a flight of stairs into a basement. She stops in front of Joel, lying on the floor with a blanket over him, shaking.]

Ellie: Joel? [Joel breathes.] Oh... [She bends down next to him.] I only managed to get a little bit of food. But... [She removes the penicillin from her bag.] I did get this. [Ellie puts back Joel's blanket.] Move your arm. [He does so and she pulls up his t-shirt, revealing his stitched up wound on him torso.] Oh... [she prepares the penicillin.] Here we go. [She injects it into him, causing him to grunt in pain. She removes the needle.] Sorry. All done. [She puts the syringe away and pulls Joel's blanket back over him. She lays down beside him as he shivers intensely.] You're gonna make it. [She rests her head on her bag and goes to sleep.]

[The scene cuts to daytime, where Ellie startles awake as Joel sleeps. She hears a noise and vaults onto an old washing machine, looking out a window. She sees a group of men wandering the area, appearing to be looking for someone. She realizes they are from David's group.]

Ellie: Oh, fuck. They tracked me. [She jumps down to Joel.] I'm gonna draw them away from here. I'll come back for you.

[She picks up her bag and runs up the stairs, leaving Joel behind. End cinematic.]

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