You Can't Save Her is the thirty-seventh of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and forty-eight seconds long.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[The elevator door opens, revealing Joel with an unconscious Ellie in his arms. He presses the emergency stop button, then begins to run from the elevator. However, Marlene is waiting outside. She draws her sidearm, aiming it at Joel, who comes to a standstill.]

Marlene: You can't save her. Even if you get out of here, then what? How long before she's torn to pieces by a pack of Clickers? That is, if she hasn't been raped and murdered first?

Joel: That ain't for you to decide.

Marlene: It's what she'd want. And you know it. [Marlene begins to walk towards Joel, moving her gun away from him.] You can still do the right thing here. She won't feel anything.

[Joel begins to think about Marlene's words. The scene cuts to Joel driving down a highway, initially from his perspective before the camera cuts to look at him. After a long pause, a groan is heard in the back seat. Joel looks in the rear view mirror. The camera cuts to Ellie waking up.]

Ellie: What the hell am I wearing?

Joel: Just take it easy, drugs are still wearing off.

Ellie: What happened?

Joel: We found the Fireflies. Turns out, there's a whole lot more like you, Ellie. People that are immune. It's dozens actually. Ain't done a damn bit of good neither. They've actually st- They've stopped looking for a cure. I'm taking us home. [Ellie rolls on her side, no longer facing Joel.] I'm sorry.

[The scene cuts to black. After several seconds it cuts back to the hospital where Joel lets out a breath, having just shot Marlene in the abdomen with a hidden pistol. Marlene collapses, grunting in pain. Joel heads to an SUV, placing Ellie in the back seat. He shuts the door, stalking back to Marlene, who is bleeding out on the ground. He stops just in front of her, as she raises her arm.]

Marlene: Wait! Let me go. Please.

Joel: You'd just come after her.

[Joel raises the gun, shooting Marlene point blank in the head. The screen cuts to black as the shot rings out. End cinematic.]

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